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We’ve got high standards and we do everything we can to uphold them. But we’re obviously biased. So don’t take our word for it; read reviews from real people who have customized and purchased their own Inside Weather.

The last coffee table i’ll ever have tobuy

I think this one is perfect and will last forever

Doesn’t need another table, Seattle, WA

Nice table!

Everything was perfect!!! 

Amber giiirl, Beverly Hills, CA

Killer table

Love my custom dining table! Assembly was easy. I had it set up in like 3 seconds! The packaging was kinda banged up when it arrived, but no damage to the table thankfully.

Table lover, Buffalo, NY

Perfect for lazy weekend mornings!!

I’m enjoying saturday breakfast in front of the TV a whole lot more now that i’m surrounded by something I created :)

Ginger, Birmingham, AL

Mad about matching!

Having a side table that matches the upholstery on my armchair is really where it’s at!

Brooklyn, Tallahassee, FL

Game Changer

Custom dining tables are the best dining tables! I’m never leaving it up to some mass manufacturer again.

Zander, Concord, NH

Great price! & SO many options

I wanted some sidetables to fill out our foyer and keep it stylish, which, if you know, can get a little pricey. I was thrilled to find somewhere where I could find good looking patterns (you can customize them yourself!) for a not so craaazy price.

jen, Sebastopol, CA

Love my hairpin legs!

really like the midcentury look of the hairpin legs, you don’t really see this look too often with so many color/pattern options available !!

Terry o., Petaluma, CA

Excellent quality. Very durable.

the material they use to pattern the table is way higher quality than i expected and feels really durable too!

J.C., Morgan Hill, CA

Dining table is great as desk!

we bought the dining table for our teenage daughter to use as a study desk. We let her pick the pattern and the legs and she really loves it!! Best of all she likes doing her homework because she can sit at her cool new desk!!

lelani, Eugene, OR

Great piece!

I got the canvas coffee table with the oval top and hairpin legs. It fits right in in front of our fireplace. Me and my husband even started serving dessert in our living room when we have guests just so we can show it off!

Jeff, Phoenix, AZ

Happy kids, happy mom! Love our coffee table.

We have two toddlers so we went with the coffee table with the circular top. no corners so i don’t have to worry about any accidents . .. and it looks great! We were even able to find a print to match our curtains! Very happy!

Lilly g., Mountain View, CA

Dining Table perfect for 4.

I got the dining table, which is great for seating about 4 people. it’s a lovely table and i really like the range of options, but if you have an unexpected dinner guest or two your seating arrangement might get a little crowded, at least if you buy the rounded version like i did.

Julian, Tacoma, WA

All in all happy customer

uuggghh! I ordered the side table with the hairpin leg, but they shipped it with a different leg on accident. I was so excited to set it up in my living room, especially since i was having some friends over for a party and i wanted it to be perfect! Oh well, customer service was really great and they sent me the original legs i wanted. In the meantime i set it up with the legs they sent for my party and i still got a bunch of compliments . . .

Sarah R., Los Angeles, CA

Tropical print is awesome! Great quality too.

we got the rectangular side table with the flare legs and a tropical print. I’ve been wanting to tap into tropical and this is the perfect way to do it! The design is subtle yet trendy and the print seems to be really high quality (i was a little concerned from the photos). 

K.T., Portland, OR

Was able to find the perfect colors!

the dining table is great. My wife and i are really particular when it comes to colors and patterns. We had a designer come and do our dining room a couple years ago, so it was really important that we found something that matched with our existing palette that we paid so much for. Inside Weather enabled US to be designer and the customization process was so simple! 

Tim, Redding, CA

Easy online shopping!

i never even considered buying a dinner table online. Didn’t think it would be this easy, never even had to leave my couch!

Miguel A., Santa Barbara, CA

Liked it . .. but had to send it back. Will try again

I didn’t love the pattern I chose, so i sent it back and got my refund no problem. Too bad though because the silhouette looked really nice in my apartment! Will probably try them again . . .

Cherise, Chico, CA

Overall good experience

it arrived a few days outside of the shipping window they estimated but other than that everything was fine.

Deshawn W., San Bernardino, CA 

Perfect patterns for matching

crazy choices!! Didn’t think i’d be able to find a coffee table that could match all of the art in my living room but I did!

Devin b., Ashland, Or

Really stylish table legs, and functional

the hairpin style is cool and actually really sturdy!! Even on a larger table like the dining table. I purchased that and side table to keep a consistent style in my dining room and hallway.

 G. t., Boulder, CO

High quality prints!

Was very skeptical about the quality of the print but I got it yesterday and i’m really impressed. Not sure how they do it, looks like a vinyl. Anyway, very pleased and will be ordering a side table soon actually.

MIKE, Chicago, IL


I have 3 kids and initially, I was really worried that the tabletop would scratch easily but it’s very sturdy! We are NOT gentle with it and there hasn’t been any dings or dents at all. It’s mom-approved!

Michelle, Pasadena, CA

Perfect size!

I have the round dining table and it’s the perfect size in my apartment. Was super light and easy to assemble. No complaints!

Mikayla, Manhattan, NY

Killer price!

I’ve been holding out on buying a new dining table because they are SO expensive. I was resorting to looking for a used one when I found Inside Weather on facebook. So glad i did. This is such a fair price for this size AND i got to customize everything!! So happy.

Beth, San Antonio, TX