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How to Make the Most of your Tiny Workspace

If you arrange the necessary items that you have to work with wisely, you can also maximize the space you have, therefore maximizing the opportunities of your workday. An inspiring office space—even a small one— can make all the difference in your creativity and productivity levels. You don’t need to designate an entire room as your home office, but rather use the space that you have in the smartest way possible.

Here are some helpful tips to show you how to get creative with your space and make the most of your small home office layout. Read on to discover how easy it is to make your own compact creative corner!

Create an Office Nook in Unused Space

If you are working from home and designing an office space but are unsure where to begin, we suggest starting with unused nooks and crannies in your humble abode. If you do not have a spare bedroom, or vacant space to work with, you can get creative by designing a designated office space under your stairs, in an entryway, or even in a hallway. 

Aside from a modern console table, a built-in desk and shelves under the stairs is a great way to make use of a space that would otherwise go unused. You can make the most of this small office floor plan by putting storage in the under side of the sloped steps. You can install a folding wall unit which you can stow away outside of work hours, or a narrow desk to make sure you’re not blocking any pathways. We also suggest placing an area rug in your converted small office space to help create a designated visual zone and distinguish your work space from the rest of the floor plan. The same goes for converting unused hallway space into a productive workspace. For this option, we would also go for a floating desk or a folding wall desk to help keep the space as open as possible. To help the hallway desk blend in, you can paint it the same shade as the wall and use decor such as a gallery wall or mirror to draw your eye up and away from the desk.

These routes may not be ideal for someone who needs to focus, host meetings, or who may not want to work out in the open, however this small home office layout idea is a great option to make the most of an awkward unused space.

Turn a Closet into an Office

If you are in tight quarters but can find a closet to spare, this is another great space to explore when considering options for small office layouts. You can remove shelving, racks and closet organization components to create a blank canvas for your supplies. We suggest using a narrow, low profile desk with shelving above to make room for computers, books, a printer, or anything else you may need. You can use white paint or a vibrant accent color to spice up your space and create depth. An unused closet has major office area potential as you can create your own little oasis.The best part about this small home office layout option is that when it is time to quit working and hit the hay in your comfy hybrid mattress, closing the curtains or shutting the door keeps the office out of sight, and out of mind.

Divide a Room into Two

When experimenting with home office layout ideas for your small space, you can use a room divider to separate a larger room into two designated zones. If you do not want a visible room divider such as a curtain or a panel, you can use your sofa as a way to separate the space. Parking a desk right behind your sofa is a great way to maximize your space, but keeps the room looking open and as spacious as possible. If you take this route, you should use leggy furniture without visual heft to avoid that claustrophobic feeling. We also suggest using a desk in a similar tone as your sofa or in a light tone to help draw the eye up. Our Jorn Desk Collection is a perfect solution and is easy to customize. We’ve even put together a helpful guide to help you choose the best work from home desk for you.

Turn a Closet into an Office

Use as much vertical space as you can to help keep your designated work area practical while allowing it to feel open. If you’re working within a small layout, being smart about storage options is a key component in keeping your desk organized and making the most of your small space. You can ensure that you have enough space on the top of your desk to read, write, and work by hanging shelving directly on your wall, or by using bookshelves if you do have the extra space. Our modular Atlas Shelving Collection is the perfect addition to any small space as you can customize the width, shelf density and configuration of your desk to your liking so that it fits perfectly. Each interior shelf is adjustable so you can place it at whichever height you please and the small shelves on the Hybrid can be placed on either side. From side table to media console to bookshelf, the Atlas Collection can be just about anything you need it to be. Use this modern yet functional beauty as both a practical storage piece and a unique display unit for your work supplies and decor items.

Another great feature to utilize in small spaces are risers and desk shelves to make the most of your immediate desk space. Our Jorn Media Desk offers a variety of shelf options to support small space needs and promote successful desk organization. Designed to adapt to your lifestyle, The Jorn Desk requires zero commitment to one setup. Each shelf type's height and position along the back of the desk are adjustable and can be customized to meet the creative needs of your unique work environment. You can even remove all shelves if you please for a more minimal look!

If you’re working with a very limited small office layout, one of our favorite desk organization tips is to use a wall-mounted coat rack or individual hooks to store small items like headphones, cables and cords, and other tech you don’t want to clutter your desk’s surface or drawers.

Accentuate the Positive

Does your office have an interesting window? Architectural details like period molding or texture? Or maybe an accent wall or a pop of color? If so, try your best to accentuate them as best you can. An accent wall or a brick wall behind your desk offers far more visual interest than you'd be afforded with a matte white wall. Don't ignore the innate details in your office when choosing where to place your desk, shelves, and other office necessities especially when you are working with a small office floor plan.


While you might not be able to set up shop in an area with abundant natural light, getting the mood right is very important for productivity throughout the work day. If you are using a closet or hallway for a makeshift workspace, you should have overhead light as well as a smaller desk lamp to make sure you are making the space feel warm and inviting for work. Changes in lighting can dramatically shift the appearance of a small space, and good lighting can be the make or break between having a successful work day or not.

Create Depth

Creating depth is a surefire way to help a small office layout feel larger and more inspiring. People are often inclined to make timid design choices in a small space. They often feel that the space is small so everything in it should be small, including decisions about color and design considerations, right? Wrong. Sure you can't put a massive desk in a small nook, but that doesn't mean you have to go with a tiny timid desk and no color. Small spaces require more focus and design energy than large spaces because every single inch counts when you're appointing a tiny space. So remember to consider adding your favorite pops of color, decor that brings you joy, and a small house plant so that your space feels grounded in a look that you ultimately love and makes you want to spend time there every day!

Every small workspace and its occupants have different needs, so your small office layout should be treated in a way that caters to your own personal preferences. Make sure to round up all of your options, and utilize the space that you will be able to make the most of, and feel most productive in. Introducing elements of color, good lighting for work and play, and purging unnecessary clutter will go a long way towards creating an effective and enjoyable small workspace that might just turn out a lot better than you’d ever dreamed of!