Project Open Source:
Containment Units

by Inside Weather

An effort to help keep medical facility occupants safe.

The Problem

Hospitals are experiencing an influx of patients, many who need to be isolated from medical professionals and the general population while still being able to receive medical attention. Many hospitals are lacking adequate containment materials and tools to help keep their community safe.


We’ve been working closely with the San Joaquin General Hospital on this initiative. This week, we’re donating six Facial Containment Units. We will provide our community with more detail once the designs are complete & have been delivered. 

The Projects

We’ve identified two types of containment designs that would be useful in prohibiting the spread of the virus within medical facilities: a Facial Containment Unit and a Patient Containment Pod. The containment unit is smaller scale and provides a secondary level of protection in addition to each individuals’ PPE. This design is inspired by Tawianese doctor, Lai Hsien-yung, who created his with the same mission, focusing on one of the highest risk points for medical staff to be exposed to bodily fluids when treating COVID-19 patients: intubation. The containment pod is a larger, safe holding space for patients, designed to ensure medical facility occupants are not exposed to COVID-19. The pod maintains negative air pressure, which prevents the spread of contaminated air. Both of these designs can be made on a CNC machine, are designed to be produced at scale, ship flat packed and assembled on site. Most local wood shops and cabinet makers would have the adequate machinery to produce these, enabling our small businesses to aid in production during this crisis.

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