Project Open Source

by Inside Weather

An effort to enable our everyday communities to create the basic protective equipment they need in the wake of COVID-19.

A few days ago, the Program Director of Family Medicine at the San Joaquin General Hospital (SJGH), reached out to his brother—our CEO, because his hospital was running out of basic sanitation masks and attaining more was proving to be an extensive impending issue. So, as Inside Weather—a company who prides itself on optimizing efficiencies in a supply chain—who are we if we aren’t here to help when our community needs it most? Our team of industrial designers shifted their focus from mid-century to pre-cautionary overnight with the goal of enabling our community at large to help each other & themselves do what they can, where they can, with the tools that surround them.

The Focus

In partnership with the SJGH, we’ve identified 3 primary areas of focus around Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Masks, Face Shields, and Containment. The current supply chains & raw material shortages for these are of most immediate concern.

Resources to Share

Please share the following resources freely with your neighbor & local businesses. While the Inside Weather team will gladly help produce anything you see here, our primary intention is to provide design & manufacturing guidelines for the everyday person and local business that has the basic tools at hand. These PDFs are for sharing. Please do your part to help and pass along!


Friday, March 20
The San Joaquin General Hospital requested 1000 Face Shields and 5000 additional replaceable components (the disposable foam & elastic set). 

Saturday evening, March 21
Our team delivered a small batch of the order to ensure it met their standards. 12 hours later, it was confirmed that the design was great. The rest will be delivered mid this week.


Any requests that we have received to produce PPE are being done at pure cost of materials and we are not taking a profit. In response to interest towards donating to the cause, we’ve created a GoFundMe page. All contributions will go towards a general fund that any medical facility can tap into in lieu of paying for any order we manufacture.


Do you need a batch made or know of someone who does?
Let’s (virtually) get in touch:

These resources are for informational purposes only and is not professional medical advice nor guarantee of outcome. Inside Weather is not responsible for errors or omissions in sharing these resources.