Inside Weather believes that shopping for furniture should be modern, personal and accessible—so we made it that way. Order it online, customize every detail, and have it delivered to your door in a few days. Assemble it in minutes, and enjoy it for years. No showrooms, markups, or heavy-lifting required. 


When you order your custom piece, we don’t make a thousand of them. We just make yours. The furniture industry is a bit different: they’ll make a bunch and roll the cost of all the ones they don’t sell into the price tag, and the landfill . . . At Inside Weather, we don’t make anything for the inventory or the landfill, only your home. 


No matter how neatly we pack it, furniture is big stuff. And unless you want it to take a couple months to arrive, you gotta ship it from the good ol’ US of A. But that means you also have to make it here too. All of this we do proudly from the SF Bay Area.