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How To Decorate A Breakfast Bar

Whether you already have a breakfast bar as a part of your modern kitchen design or want to install one for more counter space, this article is for you. Besides saving space, a kitchen breakfast bar adds a neat and elegant look to your home.

Although they are more famously called ‘breakfast bars’, people use them to eat lunch, dinner, and snacks, too. So, more like an ‘everything’ bar!

Let’s take a look at the three most common styles of breakfast bars and things to consider when choosing one, and then we’ll move on to some tips to decorate it.

Popular Styles of Breakfast Bars

Island-Style Breakfast Bar

An island-style kitchen breakfast bar is usually installed in a central location. Traditional island-style breakfast bars are built only as tables, whereas now, you may also see breakfast bars with additional shelving or modern kitchen appliances installed in them. This style of kitchen countertop allows people to move around the breakfast bar, which means you need a bigger space in the middle of your kitchen to rock this style.

Peninsula-Style Breakfast Bar 

A peninsula-style breakfast bar is either embedded in one of the kitchen walls or continuous as a countertop. This style is perfect for smaller rooms, since they don’t occupy a central space in the kitchen. However, this style only allows for sitting on three sides, so it’s more suited for smaller families.

Windowsill Breakfast Bar

Windowsill breakfast bars are both comfortable and affordable. Simply add stools that match the height of your windowsill, and your small breakfast bar is ready. Although, many people are sometimes troubled with knowing the difference between counter vs bar height. The merit is that it saves you a lot of space in your kitchen and is wallet-friendly, but the demerit is that it’s suitable only for one person or a couple. 

Tips for Decorating a Breakfast Bar

These tips can help to enhance the look of your breakfast bar and make your next meal more of an experience than a chore.

Don’t Hesitate to Add Colors 

Colors inspire joy and create positive energy, so it’s a wonderful start to your day when you can eat an energy-rich breakfast while perched at a colorful breakfast bar. If you like funky colors, you can paint your breakfast bar your favorite one that complements the rest of your kitchen’s theme. 

And if neutrals are more of your thing, try placing a few colorful ornaments on your breakfast bar, instead. The more colorful your breakfast bar area, the more you will reap the rewards of all of those positive vibes.

Match Correct Seating

Your choice of seating depends on the amount of time you will spend at your breakfast bar. If you eat proper meals, it’s probably good to buy low-maintenance, sturdy bar stools made of wood or metal. You can place colorful cushions on top of them to add flair. 

Add Lights

It’s always nice to invest in good lighting to brighten up your breakfast bar. To complete this breakfast bar idea, look for lights that are more than just lightbulbs with traditional lampshades. Choose lights that complement the ambiance of your kitchen space and highlight your breakfast bar. If you are looking for more wallet-friendly options, lovely fragrant candles can also do the job, especially at dinner time.

Add Indoor Plants 

Adding indoor plants is a breakfast bar idea that not only looks pretty, but it also helps keep the air clean, and brings some nature into your kitchen environment. Using small indoor plants on the least used corner of the breakfast bar or a big plant right next to the breakfast bar can add a little ‘green’ magic to your kitchen space. Or you can try fresh flowers to add a bit of fragrance to the air, brighten up the room and decor, and bring comfort to your spirit. Keep a vase filled with them and replace as-needed.

Personalize It

Since your kitchen bar is your personal space, it is good to customize it using things that are near and dear to your heart. These might include your favorite art sculptures or a few family photos. 

A personalized breakfast bar creates a feeling of warmth and invites fun-filled conversations with your family and friends. Looking at your favorite things while eating breakfast will also double your dose of positive energy for the day.

If you’re more the flexible type and don’t really love formalities, the three styles of breakfast bars we’ve mentioned are a great alternative to traditional dining tables.

Plus, depending on the size of your kitchen and how many family members live with you, investing in a breakfast kitchen bar is a great way to increase the good vibes in your home by creating space for everyone to gather and enjoy themselves, whether it’s over breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Once you have installed your breakfast bar, just incorporate some of our decorating tips to fit the ambiance of the rest of your home. Then sit back and prepare to enjoy all the good company and conversation in your future.

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