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Guest Bedroom Ideas

The best guest rooms are clean, comfortable and even feel a little bit like home. While you want to make sure your guests feel right at home, your guest bedroom is also a place to put your own personal touch and make your visitors feel like they're staying somewhere that's well thought out. A guest room should be a welcoming space that combines the amenities of a hotel with the intimacy and charm of a home. Check out these guest bedroom ideas below to help create a cozy space for your company!

Utilize All Available Space

In a smaller guest bedroom, you want to be sure not to overlook any available space as an opportunity to add function to the room. Use nightstands with drawers which can serve as extra storage space when needed. Shelves can also provide additional storage space along any available wall space. You can also take the more creative route by storing baskets under bedside tables, or adding a storage bench to the end of the guest bed. You can use these spaces to store extra pillows, blankets, or anything else you may want to keep within the room for your company.

Think Multi-Purpose

Oftentimes, our guest bedrooms double as a space for something else, such as an office or a playroom. If that’s the case, make sure you have the proper storage to put items away so that the guests feel like the space is their own during their stay. It’s smart to think of the space for these multi-purpose uses when learning how to design bedroom layouts. A daybed is always another great solution in multi-purpose spaces because it can serve the purpose of a couch one minute and can be quickly be turned into a guest bed, all while taking up a lot less space. If you have a desk in your guest bedroom, you can clear your things and turn it into a surface to host a basket of toiletries and goodies for your guests.


Too much mess and clutter in your room can actually cause sleep deprivation. You can reference the importance of decluttering to create a bedroom retreat in our blog here (link to how to create a modern bedroom retreat). It is especially important to keep the space in your guest bedroom clutter-free so that guests not only feel clean and comfortable but so they can also have their own space to store belongings. 

Create Space In The Closet

If your guest bedroom has become a storage space for miscellaneous items, or the closet has become a landing spot for things you no longer wear, consider this the perfect time to clean it out and donate or sell things that you no longer want laying around. Your guests will thank you for being able to put their clothes away in a dresser, or hang them in the closet, and long after your guests have left, you'll also be able to enjoy having a little more storage space of your own when not in use by visitors.

Dress The Windows

Make sure to add roller shades, blinds, or draperies to any windows that are not covered within the room. Remember, a guest in your home is away from their own home, on vacation, and will appreciate a dark room for sleeping in. If you want to take it a step further, you can even consider purchasing blackout drapes, which will more efficiently block early morning sunlight and make the room more enjoyable for sleeping. 

Add Bedside Lighting 

Always try to provide some sort of bedside lighting as a part of your guest bedroom decor. In the evenings when we start to unwind and think about settling down to sleep, the levels of light in a bedroom can impact how long it will take for us to drift off. Our eyes and minds need time to adjust, and going from a bright light into sudden pitch-black darkness is not the most efficient way to ready ourselves for sleep. Table lamps are an easy and quick solution to add to a bedside table, but sconces can also work well and provide a more luxe look. Plug-in sconces are a convenient choice if you want to avoid any complicated installation processes or rewiring and on top of that, they tend to be more affordable, so you can also save on your overall budget.

Make It Cozy 

When it comes to decorating your guest room, you should use your hands just as much as your eyes. Think about featuring an upholstered headboard to make the space extra cozy. If you have the room for it, adding in an accent chair for lounging and reading is also a great idea. While aesthetics are important, textiles, upholstery, and materials can also make all the difference when it comes to the level of coziness in your space. You can splurge on a luxurious set of sheets, toss a nice blanket on an armchair or the foot of the bed, and leave a stack of your nicest towels for your guests to use in the room. To make your guests extra comfortable, you should always provide them with more than what they’ll need within the timeframe of their visit, so leave extra bed linens and towels in the closet or in a basket so they don’t have to come asking for more. If you want to take the extra step, when stocking your guest room, add toiletries your guests may have forgotten. Items such a toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner, body wash and soap are the perfect way to make your guest feel right at home.

Pile On Pillows

Layered pillows not only look nice, but they also serve multiple purposes. You can utilize large square Euro pillows to add a cushy layer to different types of headboards so that your guests can sit up comfortably. Invest in a couple sets of decorative pillowcases to dress up your bedding around any season. Decorative throw pillows not only look beautiful, but they can also pull the bedroom's patterns and colors together to help you complete the look of your guest suite.

Add Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are an excellent way to brighten up your guest bedroom decor and make your company feel extra special during their stay, and creating a beautiful floral arrangement doesn’t have to break the bank. You can pick up a few bunches at a grocery store, snip the ends, then throw them in a vase and arrange them to your liking. Tulips are a perfect choice for home floral arrangements because they're available year-round, stay fresh for an extended amount of time, and their droopy shape lends itself to fuss-free arrangements. Adding little touches, like a vase of flowers, can give even the simplest guest room a big wow factor!

Make it Fun 

Dress up your guest bedroom by featuring a colorful accent wall, wallpaper, or decorative art to make the space feel a bit more exciting. If your overnight guests are family or close friends, you can take the extra step and display photos of happy times spent together; everyone enjoys a trip down memory lane. Making the experience more personal will make your guests feel right at home!

Preparing your home for house guests should be a very enjoyable experience. Stick to these guest bedroom ideas to ensure your guests have a wonderful stay and an even better experience. There's something satisfying about helping your visitors feel welcome and comfortable!

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