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Bedroom Corner Chair Ideas & Tips

There is something magical about a stylishly decorated bedroom nook. However, it can be tough finding that perfect comfortable chair for your cozy space. Below are some of our favorite options, with tips!

Bedroom Corner Chair Ideas

Some chair types that are commonly used in bedrooms include: 

  • Armchairs: A classic option, armchairs are comfy and stylish at the same time. They can be used for reading, working, or simply relaxing and listening to a podcast. 
  • Stools: Stools are incredibly versatile and are a great option for those looking for more mobile seating, especially if your space is on the smaller side.
  • Chairs with an OttomanChairs that come with ottomans are an excellent option for bedroom use because they provide that extra level of comfort. 
  • Rocking Chairs: Nothing says relaxation like a nice rocking chair. You can opt for cushioned and tufted ones, or even a wooden one if that’s your jam.
  • Hanging Chairs: These chairs give an informal and chill look to a room. Even better, they come in a variety of shapes, styles, and material options. 
  • Lounge Chairs: These chairs are a great choice if you are looking for something that is equally comfortable as it is stylish.
  • Metal Frame Chairs: Industrial-style, metal framed chairs are a popular choice for those who prefer a minimalistic vibe and care less about comfort and more about function.

How to Choose the Best Bedroom Corner Chair

Now that you know some of the most common chair styles for a bedroom nook, it’s time to consider a few factors before you buy one. 


First of all, decide the purpose of the accent chair. Are you using it as a reading chair, as a work chair, or only as mere decoration? Will it be rarely used or used all the time? These questions will determine whether you should choose comfort over style.


Always consider the color scheme of your bedroom before choosing a corner chair for your bedroom nook. You can go with a contrast or consider a complementary color. 


If you’re looking for accent chairs for small spaces, don’t forget to measure the size of your room, and consider the rest of the furniture there. You certainly don’t want to get a huge chair and make your bedroom look overcrowded.

How to Decorate Your Corner Bedroom Nook

To enhance the appearance of your corner nook, use accessories along with your accent chair and furniture arrangement to complete the look. 


One of our favorite accent chair decor ideas is incorporating greenery around your new comfy nook. They add color and brighten up even the dullest of atmospheres. You can try a bigger plant placed on the floor around the bedroom chair, or a smaller one placed on a side table near the chair. 

Wall Art

Since it’s a corner, the comfy chair will be placed between two walls. That means you have space to add any type of artwork on either of those walls. To complete your desired aesthetic, make sure it's wall art that complements the rest of your bedroom’s style.

Bookcases & Shelving 

Whether you’re designing a reading nook in your bedroom or just simply looking to enhance your space, shelving is a great idea. Shelves can be hung or placed on the wall for additional storage space, or even arranged on the floor against either of the walls, depending on the size of the bookshelf. At Inside Weather, our shelving is easily customizable to fit your space.

Ladder Shelves 

Ladder shelves are all the rage these days. Depending on the size of the room and the rest of your furniture, make sure you opt for an appropriate-sized ladder shelf. It can be a wooden one, or a metal one.

If the steps on the ladder are large enough, it can be used to display small decor items like candles, cacti, and rock gardens. You could even decorate it with some fairy lights to brighten things up.


Depending on the size of your new comfy chair, you can decide whether you want to accessorize it with pillows or not. The addition of pillows provides extra comfort and can also be used to balance out the colors of your nook. 


If you want to make your bedroom nook even more welcoming and homey, try adding a soft throw to a comfortable chair. The throw can be fur, velvet, or any other touchable fabric. 

Side Table

Side tables are kind of a given when you place a chair in your bedroom corner. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. The design and color of your side table can be a statement in and of itself. You can place a small decorative tray with choice decoration pieces on it, a flower vase, a small plant, or anything else that suits your vision. 

Bedroom corner chair ideas are endless, but with these tips and your style, it should be easier to create your own bedroom nook.

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