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Accent Chairs For Small Spaces

Accent chairs are arguably one of the easiest ways to liven up a small living space. They add function, flair, and style, making it look both chic and inviting at the same time. Read further to find out how you can decorate small spaces with accent chairs and create a look that is fresh and welcoming.

Accent Chair Designs for Small Spaces

Accent chairs are single-seat chairs that are easy to move, and can be put anywhere in your house, from your small living room to your bedroom. With accent chairs, you can utilize those small spaces and weird corners of your home, and make style statements while you do it. Accent chairs for small spaces should possess certain features, such as: 

A Low Build

Room decor is all about angles and shapes. Furniture that is shorter in height––in other words, has a low build––gives the appearance of more space since it makes the ceiling look higher. One low build option to consider might be a low-backed, tufted chair.

Open Silhouettes

Furniture that features silhouettes that highlight the frame instead of the cushioning give chairs the appearance of being smaller than they actually are. For smaller spaces, this can be ideal.

Opt for accent chairs that have less cushioning to allow more of the frame to shine through and prevent your small room from looking too crowded. Good options might be cane or rattan chairs, molded or sculptured chairs, or wishbone chairs. At Inside Weather, we’ve designed many open silhouette chairs that will add some style to your space, without being overpowering and heavy.


A general rule for decorating small spaces is to go for lightweight items. This is especially true if you are going to place multiple pieces in a small area. Just be sure to choose an accent piece that not only looks light, but is lightweight, too. Open silhouette chairs are great lightweight options to consider.

Light Upholstery 

Heavy things seem to take up a lot of living space, be it chairs or anything else. This rule applies to accent chairs and upholstery, too. Accent chairs with a lot of upholstery, on the back, seat, and arms can look heavy and over-crowd your small room. Meanwhile, light upholstery has the opposite effect. Lounge chairs with a metal frame and padded seat and back fall under the light upholstery umbrella. 

Curved Design

Chairs with curved backs and corners appear smaller and more open than box-shaped chairs with high backs and arms. So for your small space, try an accent chair with either a curved back or sides, or both. Such furniture pieces have a smaller visual impression since it cuts corners––literally! A great example of an accent chair with curved design is the Nola Armchair from Inside Weather.


Although the main reason for buying your perfect accent chair is to fill space, it should still be moveable. This can be helpful to provide extra seating in emergency situations. With the Sarno Dining Chair, you’ll be able to easily move and rearrange when you have more guests than expected. 

Armless/Low Arms

To create an open and inviting look, try arranging your furniture in a way that fosters that ‘open’ feeling. Apply this same idea to accent chairs and find one with low arms, or even one that is armless, such as a slipper chair. Certain styles of lounge chairs feature low arms, while slipper chairs have no arms at all. 

Slim Legs 

To make sure the area doesn’t look overcrowded, opt for accent chairs with slim legs. Thick chairs that are cushioned and covered from top to bottom look very bulky and heavy, while chairs with high legs that are slim and sturdy make everything seem more open. 

How to Accessorize Accent Chairs in Small Spaces

Depending on the space you’re working with, there are multiple ways of decorating and enhancing your accent chair. You can make full use of your accent chair and area by getting a little creative.

Make a Reading Nook 

One of the best ways to utilize an unused area is to convert it into a reading nook. Decorate the space with a comfortable accent chair, preferably one with arm and back support for additional comfort. Pair the accent chair with a side table and a lamp and you have your own tiny slice of heaven.

Work Station 

Working from home is almost the norm these days. That means it’s the perfect time to convert that rarely used small space into a workstation. All you need is a desk and a comfortable––preferably lightweight––accent chair. For this, consider an armless option, with slim legs like the Nola Dining Chair.

Coffee for Two

Depending on the size of your floor space, you can convert it into a breakfast or coffee nook for two. This is especially great if it’s near a window, since a window view is perfect to sit and relax in front of. We recommend considering a cushioned and comfortable accent chair, like a curved lounge chair

Bedroom Corner 

When all else fails, you can always use an accent chair to fill that awkward space in your bedroom. An armless slipper chair is an excellent choice for that very thing! In fact, we’ve even shared our top bedroom corner chair ideas.

Accent chairs for small spaces can be used in so many different ways, to both complement your style and enhance the appeal of your home. At Inside Weather, we have a variety of accent chairs that are perfect for small spaces. Shop now!

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