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Accent Chairs For Small Spaces

Accent chairs are designed to provide additional seating in any setting. Not only that, they provide a focal point in a room that helps to draw the eye.

Accent chairs for small spaces, or even large spaces, can be placed anywhere in your house. A common living room arrangement is a sofa paired with two accent chairs. In a bedroom, accent chairs might be placed in a corner for relaxing, to put on your shoes, or provide extra seating for your friend while you get ready for an evening out.

You could place them in a rarely used nook in any part of your house and convert that area into a reading corner or a place for meditation. With accent chairs, the possibilities and uses are infinite.

For more inspiration, we share our favorite bedroom corner chair ideas

Types of Accent Chairs

Accent chairs come in thousands of colors, styles, and size variations. Below are some of the most common types of accent chairs popular today.

Swivel Chairs

A modern and sleek accent chair design, a swivel chair features a chair attached to a swivel. These chairs can be used as desk chairs or armchairs, and feature different styles and designs. They can be used anywhere in the house, but might be especially useful in a TV room or an informal meeting room that requires a lot of movement. 

Wingback Chairs 

A Wingback chair, also sometimes called a wing chair, features wings on the back of the chair. Wingback chairs are an older style, originally meant to keep people warm by shielding them from air coming at them from the sides and trapping heat.

Because of this usage, wingback chairs were traditionally placed around a fireplace. However, they can be used in any setting today. An interesting way to use a wingback chair is to place it at your dining room table as the host chair. That would certainly make a statement! 

Armless / Slipper Chairs 

The names armless chair and slipper chair are used interchangeably, but refer to the same type of chair. As the name suggests, these chairs don’t have arms. It makes them appear lighter and less bulky compared to traditional armchairs.

However, they are not always the best choice for relaxing since they don’t provide a lot of support, and might be uncomfortable with longer use. Slipper chairs are often designed with a low profile, which makes them an ideal option for bedrooms. 

Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs are a type of accent chair that features a wide and deep setting, and is often paired with thick, comfy cushions for sitting and support. Lounge chairs often have wide, supportive arms for extra comfort, tend to be long-lasting, and are perfect for casual use.

Barrel / Tub Chairs

Barrel chairs feature a characteristic barrel-like form, with a rounded back. These chairs come with a cutout in the front for sitting, with high arms and a high back. They are very comfortable to sit on and are wonderful in a living room or bedroom, where you can sit snugly and relax. 

Sculptured / Molded Chairs 

These modern and often industrial-style chairs come in a variety of designs and materials. Sculptured chairs feature an unusual form, often creating a sharp and sleek silhouette. Molded chairs are similar, and may be made using metal, wood, or even plastic. 

Tufted Chairs 

Tufting refers to the design featuring small crevices on the chair that are secured with buttons. These crevices are equally spaced to create symmetry, and are placed on any soft fabric surface such as suede or velvet. These chairs are often associated with European and French furniture styles, and offer a classic look many love.

What to Consider Before Choosing an Accent Chair

There are definitely a few things to know about how to choose chairs for your living room or bedroom. Some of these items include the size and style of the room, color theme, usage.

Size of the Room 

The first thing to consider is the size of your room. Big rooms allow for wider and bulkier accent furniture items, while small rooms may look overcrowded with heavy furniture. Lightweight accent chairs that make a statement are ideal for smaller spaces. You should also take into consideration the rest of the furniture in the room and whether the chair ‘fits.’

Color Theme 

Before choosing the color of your accent chair, take a look at the color scheme in the room you’re placing it in. Figure out if you want complimentary colors or something bold and contrasting to add a pop of color.

Style or Theme 

Your accent chair should match the style or theme of the room it’s in, no matter where you put it. Modern or antique, minimalistic or heavy, these are just a few of the options available when shopping for accent chairs.


The purpose of an accent chair is key when looking to find the perfect match. If it is going to see some heavy use, opt for comfort over looks. However, if it’s going to be rarely used, you can probably safely prioritize style over comfort. 

Decorating any living space in your house is fun and exciting. Part of making your dream home a dream home is dreaming up cool ideas for the decor, whether that’s an accent chair or a beautiful credenza. Just remember there’s really no wrong way to use an accent chair.

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